Best 4k Bridge Camera

Finding a good bridge camera that’s capable of producing 4k footage can be a denting task for many people, Especially if you don’t know what to look for.

We did all the work for you and made a list of the best 4k bridge cameras that you can find in the market today.

  • Nikon CoolPix P1000 Camera.
  • Sony CyberShot RX10 IV Camera.
  • Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 II Camera.
  • Leica V-Lux 114 Bridge Camera.
  • Canon Powershot SX70 Camera.

Nikon COOLPIX P1000 Camera

Starting with a camera that can quite literally zoom beyond the sky, The Nikon Coolpix P1000 is one of the few bridge cameras that is known for its telescope like zoom range.

with a 125x optical zoom range equal to 24-3000mm in 35mm terms. This make it extremely useful for almost all cases you’ll find yourself in, From product photography all the way to lunar observation.

If the zoom range still doesn’t cover your needs, It can be boosted digitally with the Dynamic Fine Zoom setting to a setting that’s similar to 6000mm. 

its has a back-illuminated 1/2.3in sensor that outputs images at 16.1MP raw (NRW) or JPEG. 4K video recording is present, available at either 30fps or 25fps. Full HD video can go up to 60fps, This can be boosted further with a range of lower-resolution, slow-motion options.

The build quality is pretty solid, The body is Largely polycarbonate with a rubbered grip and weights around 3.1 pound (1,415g). It includes an LCD screen that’s 3.2-inch wide with a 921k-dot resolution, and a 2.36-million dot EVF.

The camera battery life is around 250-shot. A bit low but this is expected for such a camera. Good news is, it can be charged through its USB port which is much more convenient than having to replace batteries each time the camera dies.


  • Unique 125x Telescopic Zoom.
  • Solid Optical Stabilization.
  • 4K Video & 7-fps Burst.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Support.


  • Very Bulky.
  • Premium Price.

Sony CyberShot RX10 IV Camera (Best Overall)

An all-in-one premium bridge camera. The Sony CyberShot RX10 IV is one of the best professional cameras in the field. Combining amazing performance, sturdy design, and a bunch of very useful features to play with.

Quality wise, The Sony RX10 IV looks remarkable. It has a black body, weighs around 2.4, and is made with a mixed of polycarbonate, rubber, and metal exterior and an internal magnesium alloy chassis. It’s also weather-sealed, which means it can be used in rainy or dusty environments without too much hassle.

Comes with a 20-megapixel 1-inch sensor and a long-range f/2.4-4 25x optical zoom that’s equivalent to 24-600mm. It has an amazing burst rate that goes up to 24fps with a buffer that can hold 105 Raw+JPG, 106 Raw, or 228 JPG shots. 4K resolution is also available at 24fps & 30fps and can go up to 120fps in full HD mode.

The RX10 IV’s focus speed is an astonishing 0.03 seconds, which basically means it will always be on focus and remove that blurry transition that happens in lire amateurish cameras.

The mechanical shutter speed is limited to 1/2000sec. However, This can be pushed further using the silent electronic shutter, with a maximum speed of 1/32,000sec.

The 3.0in LCD touchscreen has a 1.44-million-dot resolution, looks bright & sharp, and can be tilted up or down. The through-the-eye electronic viewfinder is available with a 2.359-million-dot resolution.


  • Excellent high-ISO performance.
  • Touch LCD and EVF.
  • 4K video and 1080p slow-motion.
  • 24fps Raw capture with tracking.


  • Menu is hard to navigate.
  • Higher price range.

PANASONIC LUMIX FZ1000 II Camera (Most Value)

Bulky & well-built. The Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 II was able to solidify its place in market as a mid-tier camera and got a lot of praise and recommendations from the photography community along the way.

Weighting around 1 pound, This camera comes with a deep, rubberized hand grip on the front and a raised thumb grip on the back of the body, This makes it sit really well on your hand.

Shooting a 4K video is available with 30/25/24 frame rates per second, you can also do Full HD which goes up to 60fps. The footage comes out crisp, clear, vibrant, full of detail and looks great on almost every screen.

Burst shooting goes up to an impressive 12fps, and a shutter speed of 1/16,000sec when using the electronic shutter.

Comes with a 3-inch, 1240K-dot touchscreen, a 2,360K dots 0.74x OLED Live viewfinder that automatically activates when lifting the camera to your eye, a microphone port, and 5-axis Hybrid OIS+. This makes the FZ1000 II a great choice for vlogging & outdoor videos.

The camera also has a decent chunk of options that can be customized to your preference including Photo Style, Flash Mode, Image Quality (including the option to switch on/off RAW), AF mode, metering, sensitivity and exposure compensation.


  • 4K Video & 11.8fps Burst.
  • 1-Inch Image Sensor.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi with NFC.
  • Fast Autofocus.


  • Very bulky build.
  • Not touch-sensitive

Leica V-Lux 114 Bridge Camera

Almost identical to the FZ1000, The Leica V-Lux 114 is a wonderful mid-tier bridge camera that you’ll probably end up falling in love with after seeing what it’s capable of. 

This one has a 1-inch 20.1MP sensor and a 16x optical zoom range translates to a relatively modest 25-400mm, a maximum sensitivity of ISO 25000, and an aperture of f/2.8 at the widest point and f/4 at the narrowest. It’s also capable of 4K video recording at up to 25fps and Full HD at 60fps & 30fps.

Like all other cameras in this price range, The V-Lux includes a 3-inch 921,000-dot LCD (not touch sensitive), and a 2,359,000-dot OLED viewfinder.

It also has Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity built-in for connecting to laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Extremely convenient if you want to quickly transfer pictures/videos to your devices without using cables…etc.

The incredible warranty of this camera lasts for three years, More than any other manufacturer in the market. This is a big bonus point for the Leica bridge camera since it means they are willing to provide you with full support for three Full years 


  • 20MP 1-Inch MOS Sensor.
  • 3-Inch 920k-Dot Rotatable LCD.
  • 12fps Bust & 4k Video.
  • Wide Shutter Speed (1/4000 to 60 Seconds).


  • Not touch sensitive.

Canon Powershot SX70 Camera

Ending with a bang for your buck product, The Canon Powershot SX70 is a great piece of equipment that is very versatile & can do a lot for a small portion of the price that a similar DSLR camera would cost.

Boasting a long 65x zoom range, The equivalent of a 21mm lens at the wide end and zooming all the way into the 1,365mm. It has a 20MP 1/2.3 inch sensor that’s capable of 10fps burst shooting, 4k HD video recording in 25fps/30fps, and Full HD at 60fps.

Comes with a 3-inch rear LCD with 922k dots of resolution. not the sharpest display out there, but still decent. The EVF on the other hand is very good. It is 0.39-inch wide with a 2,736k-dot resolution and provides crispy, clear images and an eye sensor to automatically switch between the EVF and LCD.

It features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro ports (USB/HDMI), and a 3.5mm microphone input. You also get an external charger that has a built-in AC plug.

Relatively lightweight, The Powershot SX70 Weighs around 1.3 pounds when loaded with a battery. It feels quite solid, with a deep grip for better stability. The good thing about this design is that it isn’t front heavy, meaning you’ll be able to handle it & keep it stable without too much hassle.

Rated for about 325 shots whith LCD and 255 shots with EVF. Using the Eco mode can boost the numbers up to 405 frames. Not the best, but still gives you a lot of room to play with.


  • Long 65x Zoom Lens.
  • Good AF System.
  • Effective Image Stabilization.
  • Fairly Lightweight.


  • Image quality isn’t the best.
  • Screen isn’t touch sensitive.


We can clearly see that each camera in this list has it own pros & cons and the one best for you will be related to your specific needs and requirements.

If you enjoyed our quick review on the best 4k bridge camera, make sure to leave a comment down below telling us your opinion about the one you chose.

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