Best Light Bulbs For Video Recording

Being able to create a great video recording relies heavily on having a combo of 2 things: A nice camera quality and a good light source with lighting being the most important factor. This can be achieved by two methods:

If you have a big budget you can go for expensive equipments such as a high quality camera + expensive lighting kit. Else, You work can with some pretty affordable house items and use a little bit of creativity to have the desirable output.

Our focus here is to fix the lighting problem so you can have the best video quality when recording. For us to provide you with what you need we did some market research and tested the selected products to see which one came on top and which one didn’t.

So today we are going to give you a list of the Best Light Bulbs For Video Recording:

  • Sansi A21 Led Light Bulb.
  • DooVii 60W Led Corn Light Bulb.
  • Emart Full Spectrum Light Bulb.
  • Dephen 80W Led Corn Light Bulb.
  • Lohas A21 LED Light Bulb.

Sansi A21 Led Light Bulb

Starting with the people’s favorite, The Sansi A21 light bulb is considered to be an amazing lighting source for peeps out there that are looking to take a nice quality video indoors.

Has a sturdy hollow housing with premium led chips that can last up to 25,000 hours of use with a 130 lumen/watt output which allows it to provides several times as much light while using just over a quarter as much electricity. It contains no lead or mercury and does not produce any UV or IR light.

Features a patented ceramic heat dissipation system to allow inside ventilation, A  5000K daylight bulb that produce non harsh-glare healthy lighting, A 270°wide beam angle and comes with either dimmable or non-dimmable option depending on your preference.

Once you buy it, The manufacturer will provide you with a 5 year warranty that covers you from quality-related problems with either a replacement or a refund.


  • 25,000 Hours Lifespan.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • 5 Years Warranty.


  • Some users noticed flickering after a couple of months.

DooVii 60W Led Corn Light Bulb

A perfect fit anyone that is looking for hollywood like light without having to spend a ton of money, The DooVii light bulb will provide you with more lighting than you ever wished to have in one room.

Made from high quality shatter, shock and vibration resistant body making it extremely sturdy and durable. Can be used for up to 35000 hours Or 5 hr/day for 19 years straight which removes the problem of having to change the light bulb every years or so.

Features a Brightness level of about 5500 Lumen which means it can light up an outdoor garden at night easily so if you want to record a video outside you don’t have to count on daylight saving…etc.

It also uses less voltage than its competitors making it a great choice if you are looking to save a couple hundreds in energy costs every year.

The DooVii light bulb comes with a 5 year unlimited warranty so if you have any problem just contact them and they will replace it for you.


  • Perfect For Photo & Video Work.
  • Extremely bright lighting.
  • Low Electricity Cost.


  • Non dimmable.

Emart Full Spectrum Light Bulb

The Emart full spectrum light bulb suits streamers and youtubers perfectly thanks to its compact size and natural color light.

Has a brightness level of 4500 lumen making it super bright seeing how affordable this product is. The lighting is also full spectrum which is a big bonus if you are doing a lot of indoor recording. Weirdly enough we noticed a lot of people using this product for gardening purposes.

It comes in a package containing two 105w daylight photo bulb that fits on standard E26/E27 socket. The lifespan of it is 8,000 hours for each.

The package itself does not come with a warranty but the company made sure to compensate for that by having an amazing after sale customer service.


  • Very Affordable.
  • Full Spectrum Feature.
  • Natural Lighting.


  • Build quality is mediocre.

Dephen 80W Led Corn Light Bulb

Looking for something to light up the whole neighborhood at night? Probably not but the dephen 80w led bulb is something you definitely check out.

Made from flame-retardant ABS materials and high quality Aluminum with a IP64 waterproof & dustproof build, It was designed mainly for large areas (warehouses, streetlights, parking lots…etc) since it can withstand harsh environments easily.

The inside has a built-in surge protector, A heat dissipation system and powerful isolated driver + It can produce up to 10800 Lumens at a stunning 135 lm/watt. Not only will this be a dream lighting for video recording but is also a dream for every videographer.

Not to forget the whooping 50,000 hours lifespan which translates to a little over 5hr/day for 27 years.

The product itself gets tested rigorously to prevent any type of malfunction, Plus they provide you with a 5 year unlimited warranty.


  • Heavy Duty Build.
  • 50,000 Lifespan.
  • Industrial & Commercial Grade Available.


  • Considered a little bit expensive.

Lohas A21 LED Light Bulb

The Lohas A21 Led light Bulb is targeted more towards people looking for a mix of performance and affordability. Making a great alternative if you are interested in video recording but don’t have enough budget for a lighting kit.

Made of aluminum PC which is a good heat dissipation, Outputs a vivid and natural daylight white 5000K with a 2500 lumens which makes the lighting just about right. It also has a lifespan of about 30,000 hours Or 5hr/day for 16 years.

The product is sold as a pack of 4 making the price of a single light bulb dirt cheap, And thanks to it being only 23 watt, It can reduce the overall energy consumed which leads to you saving more money on the electricity bill.


  • Low Price Range.
  • High Performance.
  • 30,000 Hours Lifespan.


  • Non dimmable.

Conclusion: Best Light Bulbs For Video Recording

Owning a high quality light bulb can easily provide you with all the light needed when video recording without having to break the bank for a professional lighting kit.

If you enjoyed out buyers guide on the best light bulbs for video recording make sure to share it with your friends so that they benefit from it too. If you have anything you would like to be added to this article make sure to comment down below.