Best Rangefinder For Elk Hunting

If you are into hunting, then you know what the value of this gadget in this field is. Some people say that hunting is a sport; however, it can be challenging to do it without proper gear and equipment. But with the best rangefinder for elk hunting, you can immerse your hunt in the field. 

In the moving years, rangefinders remain very helpful in the hunt, as they help in accurate shooting and prey finding. Many brands are manufacturing rangefinders to assist you in hunting; some of them are installed with the latest features that are just outstanding.

The working of the rangefinder is that once you aim the rangefinder at the target you want to hunt, all you have to do is push the button on your device. The rangefinder then uses a narrow laser beam; then this narrow beam travels downrange; as it hit the target, it bounces back and then reaches the unique sensor on the rangefinder device.

The rangefinder then calculates the distance between the target and you through the time taken by the beam to come back. Since lasers travel incredibly fast, the amount of time it takes for the beam to be reflected in the sensor is infinitesimally small.

Many brands are working on making rangefinders with unique features; to find a perfect rangefinder for yourself, you must know the main thing about this. Range finders are not cheap due to the tech that is used in them. In this guide, we are providing the list of top five rangefinders that have the latest tech.

  • TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder.
  • Vortex Optics Ranger.
  • Wosports Hunting Rangefinder.
  • LaserWorks LW1000PRO.

  • Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder.

TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

If you are a hunting fan, and you love to do it quickly, then TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder is the perfect choice for you. It is considered the best rangefinder for elk hunting across the globe.

The main reason that this rangefinder is used is the speed of the laser that is installed.


The laser range of the TecTecTec ProWild is within +/- 1 yard up to 500 meters. This range makes it one of the best rangefinders for elk hunting, used for long-range shooting with guns and bows.

The magnification of this rangefinder is better than the modern archery rangefinders that are in the market. Besides this, the ultra-clear visual performance that is provided by TecTecTec helps you have an operation that never fails. If you are a lone shooter, then scanning your target is the main goal; this rangefinder has maximum scanning capacity to do it quickly.

TecTecTec has an objective lens of 24mm and 4X magnification that makes it the topper of this list. This rangefinder is designed to give you a perfect grip; besides this, it is lightweight, so you can carry it comfortably.

This rangefinder is made from an entirely waterproof material and dustproof. This rangefinder is durable and cost-effective; you will never regret buying this rangefinder.


  • Multi-Layer Lens.
  • Crystal-Clear Vision.
  • Mud, Water, and Dust Resistant.
  • Reasonable Price.


  • No Night Mode.

Vortex Optics Ranger

Many people are fanatic about the color Black; the Vortex Optic ranger laser rangefinder’s sleek design is truly captivating. This rangefinder is designed to contain all the necessary features that you need in a rangefinder, such as high capacity, elegant design, rich visibility, and many other unique features installed in this rangefinder. Let’s find out why it is considered the best rangefinder for elk hunting.


The Vortex has installed Component Distance (HCD) mode in its Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinder so that you can detect an object in the sloppy area. Now, this feature is not the one that comes in many rangefinders such as TecTecTec. The accuracy that this rangefinder provides in +/- yards is just excellent!

The Line of Slope mode is installed so that it can measure the distance accurately and swiftly. This Vortex is perfect for high angle shots, enhanced precision with higher visibility. You can hit your target perfectly if you have this rangefinder, as it is best in what it does.

This rangefinder is very easy to use, can see up to 1800 yards, and provides a crystal clear view. It also has a laser system included that works swiftly to measure the distance while moving it across the field.

A fully multi-coated lens is installed so that you can have an optimal light transmission. The handle is textured and made from rubber so that you can hold the rangefinder firmly. You can change the display according to the light conditions in which you are hunting.


  • Ideal High Angle Shots.
  • High Visibility.
  • Ranging Accuracy Up To 1300 Yards.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compact Packing.


  • You have to press the button thrice to fix it on a target.

Wosports Hunting Rangefinder

Everybody knows how hard it is to hunt in the jungle, especially when there are many trees; you are almost unable to see through them. To solve the problem, Wosports has manufactured a hunting rangefinder that can correctly work in that situation. It is manufacture to solve this prolonged issue, especially for bow hunters who hunt with advanced crossbows.


This rangefinder has some high tech that makes it come to the five best rangefinders for elk hunting. You can see through the range of 600 yards with this rangefinder. This product is one of the best rangefinders designed for bow hunting; besides this, it has a reputation for having the best laser hunting accuracy and speed on which it works.

The magnification quality that this product provides is just stunning; this is thanks to the enlarged visual appearance of your target and the gadgets that helps you hunt with perfection.

Suppose you often work in a thick and murky forest. In that case, this rangefinder is the best choice available in the market for you because the laser technology installed in this product is perfect even in that environment. You can detect your target in the forest through any obstacle.

Rubber armor is used to protect this rangefinder; another reason which makes it more captivating is its attractive storage, portable size, lightweight, and battery capacity.


  • Completely Waterproof.
  • Quick Detection Feature.
  • High-quality Motion Detection.
  • Durable & Lightweight.
  • Easy To Use.


  • The quality of the rubber armor is not good.

LaserWorks LW1000 PRO

LaserWorks has designed a product with many people’s recommendations; it is due to the laser tech that allows you to have an exact look through the field. LaserWorks LW1000PRO is enlisted as the best rangefinder for elk hunting. Its high-speed tech tells you all the information swiftly.


The hunters’ most professional favorite and a technologically advanced laser rangefinder are the LW1000PRO designed by LaserWorks. The distinct features of the product are the surety of its working.

It has the ultra-features that you can use in the Fog to verify your target. This feature is not in many rangefinders; however, almost every hunter faces specific issues in that environment. Laser Works LW1000PRO’s fog mode facilitates precise targeting so that you can find your hunt in the ground.

These features are the reason to push it from the rangefinder and come in this list of the top 5 best hunting rangefinders in the market. It can measure up to 1600 yards for the reflecting targets; that is just amazing. You can magnify this rangefinder six times; besides this, the 70.1 microwatts laser radiant power is used so that you can hunt properly. This power source is comfortable for the human eye.


  • Small Size.
  • Water/Dust Resistant.
  • Accurate Sensing.
  • Radiance Power of 70.1μW.


  • The plastic case is not durable.

Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder

Suppose you are on a limited budget and search for a well-functioning rangefinder and has the latest features! Well, here you are; keep reading about this fantastic gadget known as Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder. It has been installed with all the essential features at just a considerable price.


There is a 9-volt battery that is enough if you are going on a short weekend expedition. The quick target finding features installed in this product is just stunning; this tech does not come in rangefinders within this price limit. The LCD visual display of this rangefinder will give you an exact look at the field.

When you are talking about the accuracy along with a meager budget, then Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder is the rangefinder that you shouldn’t miss at any cost. If you are a beginner hunter, then you can start with this rangefinder. With the quality magnification of 4 times and a 20mm lens with 600 yards ranging capacity, this rangefinder is the best option in the market at such a considerable price. These credentials make it to the list of the best rangefinders for elk hunting!


  • Accurate Representation From LCD.
  • Improved Ergonomics.
  • Simple To Use.
  • Very Lightweight.


  • No waterproofing.
  • Battery is not installed.
  • Mediocre in low light.


In this guide, the top 5 best hunting rangefinders for elk hunting are being discussed. All of the products are good in their way. There are some drawbacks to the products, but these are the top 5 rangefinders you can find in the market. They all have the latest tech that you will need in the field during hunting.

Personally, we rate Vortex Optics Ranger as the best rangefinder for elk hunting and TecTecTec Prowild as the best budget rangefinder for elk hunting.