Best Tent For Camping In High Winds

If you’re looking to camp in the near future and are expecting to encounter some high winds, Having a tent that can handle that type of weather becomes a necessity.

We’ve looked at the many tent models available for your windy adventures and narrowed it down to top 5 that can do the job.

Since everyone has a different need so we made sure to organize them by size, starting by a small tent that can handle 2 person and going up to a portable high wind resistant tent that can fit up to 10 people.

Here is the list of our best tents for camping in high winds:

MSR Hubba Hubba NX (2-Person)

Starting with one of the most recognized tent in the backpacking community, The msr hubba hubba nx is a two people tent that is available with or without a waterproof coating.

Setting it up is relatively simple & easy, And is made in a way so that when the poles are set up, a decent amount of space in created on the inside.

Weighting at about three and a half pound, it is easily one of the most lightweight tents you could find in the market and is the reasons many backpackers support this particular product.

The build quality is robust and the materials used are premium ripstop nylon, polyurethane, and DWR. This makes sure the hubba hubba nx can handle extreme weather without too much trouble. 


  • Extremely Lightweight (3,5 pound).
  • Durable Weather Resistant Materials.
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Comes With A 3 Year Warranty.


  • Premium Price.

Browning Camping Glacier Tent (4-Person)

Next in the line is the Browning Camping Glacier Tent, A product that can handle up to 4 people and a provide full coverage over any type of weather condition you may run across.

When it comes to the design, This tent has a free standing square design with two aluminum poles that holes it in place. They also help keep the walls straight by stretching the tent from the four angles, Which ends up making the inside much more spacious.

It incorporates a durable oxford floor with coating + polyester fly which provides another layer of protection against extreme weather condition. Plus also comes with a side venting feature to prevent the tent from heating up.


  • A Lot Of Head Room.
  • Comes With Vestibules & Gear Loft.
  • Easy To Ventilate.
  • Can Handle Up To 4 People.


  • Doesn’t handle heavy rain too well.

Moose Country 4-Season Expedition Tent (6-Person)

Designed to handle extreme rain, snow, wind, heat, and cold. The moose country expedition tent is the best bang for your buck if you want something that can handle up to six people.

it features the speed clip set up with shock corded aluminum poles. This makes it easier to assemble, solid against bad weather, And extremely suitable for high wind areas.

It also comes with double doors, A cross ventilation system with closure for each vent, And a rain cover for extra protection on those rainy days.

On the inside, This tent has two inner hanging mesh pockets to store your electronics, one gear loft for hanging clothes, and a lantern hanging loop so you can properly light up your tent when it becomes dark outside.


  • Feature Intensive.
  • Premium Rain Fly.
  • Easy Speed Clip Setup.
  • Amazing For High Wind Areas.


  • Higher Price Tag.

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe Tent (8-Person)

Targeted more towards hardcore campers and outdoor lovers, The kodiak canvas flex bow deluxe tent is a top of the notch product that is known to be indestructible even in the most unfavorable conditions.

Starting with the build quality, it was made with an extremely durable cotton duck canvas that both waterproof & breathable. Plus has a hydra-shield for added protection.

Switching to the design, It comes with two large D-shaped doors, Four large windows, And two funnel-flow vents for an improved ventilation which makes it easier for you to manage the temperature inside the tent.

When it comes to size, The kodiak flex bow tent is able to hold up to 8 people, Making it the second largest tent after the Core straight wall cabin.

The ceiling is elevated to 6 feet & 6 inches giving it a huge advantage over many of its competitor. A tent this tall means even your average pro basketball player will be able to walk around inside the tent without having to worry too much about head room.


  • Thick & Durable Material.
  • Very Spacious Inside.
  • Amazing Ventilation System.
  • Can Handle Almost Any Weather Condition.


  • Very Heavy.
  • Premium pricing.

CORE Straight Wall Cabin Tent (10-Person)

Finishing strong with a tent that can hold your whole family, The core straight wall cabin is the largest tent in this list, With a housing capacity of up to 10 people. While setting it up is pretty straight forward, you will probably need a little help simply due to the sheer size of it.

When dealing with a stormy weather, The tent was able to keep everything dry on the inside and wasn’t phased too much by the high winds. All of that was thanks to the durable waterproof polyester exterior and the clever design of it.

It features an advanced ventilation system, a room divider to make it a two room tent, and also has entrance from both the back & the front.

The core cabin tent also has a Gear loft with a lantern hook, pockets, and an electrical cord access port so can charge your electronics without having to keep the tent entrance open


  • Largest Tent On The List (Up to 10 people).
  • Affordable Price.
  • Feature Intensive.
  • Comes With 1 Year Warranty.


  • The poles could’ve been better.

What To Look For In A Tent For High Wind


having a tent with plenty of headroom is great, but when you’re dealing with high winds you should always keep in mind that the lower the profile of the tent, the more protected you’ll be from extreme weather.


A tent with one wall is lightweight, less dense and simpler to set up for the average campers. But you’ll probably want to go for a dual wall tent when you go camping in high winds.

They are stronger and better in the windy areas, And usually come with a respiratory inner lining and an outer shell can resist poor weather conditions.

Heavier material and appropriate staking are immune to the constant fluttering that may occur during high wind which usually result in a very poor sleeping experience.

Poles & Stakes

Keep in mind that the more tent poles you have, the more wind your tent will be able to handle. Adding that extra weight is almost always a good deal when it comes to poles. When dealing with heavy wind, Fiberglass poles are your best bet. Since they are heavier, they’ll give you more resistance against bad weather. On the other hand,They are more prone to break due to the nature of their build, This can be prevented by getting Poles With Shock Cords inside.


Camping in windy areas can be a daunting task if you don’t know what type of tent to bring with you, After reading this buyer’s guide on the best tent for camping in high winds you should be able to go out there & camp without actually having to worry about bad climate.