Best Wind & Snow Proof Bird Feeder

Bird watching can be quite a fun activity to do. Buy like everything in life it comes with some hassle that you have to either fix or just live with it.

One of those hassles is cheap quality bird feeders that can break and/or not work properly depending on the weather.

We did our research to bring to you the best wind & snow proof bird feeders so you never have to think about giving a hard time to those little beautiful creatures again.

Here are the list of the best birding houses in the market:

Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone

The perky pets will be gone two is perfect for those birders who have squirrel problems.

Featuring a weight activated perch bar that closes to prevent squirrels from having access to the seed makes it a great solution.

Not to mention it has an attractive all-metal design and removable roof for easy filling.

in addition, the perky-pet feeder have a few really nice features, speeder can be hung from a mounting hooks.

It comes with an attachment to mount it on a pole if that’s the kind of setup that you’d prefer which is great against windy areas.

furthermore, The entire top of this bird feeder comes off after you remove the hanger by simply pushing in on it then you just give the bird on top of it a twist and the roof pops right off.

Allowing you to fill it with seed holds about twelve pounds of it and clean it when it comes time to do that.

Inside the squirrel be gone to has a slanted floor which causes the seed to naturally flow down toward the opening in front and it also has the nice windows on the front which serve two purposes.

First they look really nice but they’re also functional in the sense that you can see through them and see how much seed is left inside.

It even has an adjustable hinge so you can customize it for different weights of birds and you can do that just by adjusting the little bar into the grooves.


  • Removable roof peak with lock.
  • Four positions, adjustable spring.
  • Pole mount or hang.
  • Beautiful two-tone color accents.


  • Not quite squirrel repellent.

Squirrel Buster Standard


The squirrel Buster’s standard represents the new standard for feeding birds and busting squirrels.

It has stainless steel perches for perching birds and a metal mesh shroud with plenty of natural grips for nuthatches and woodpeckers.

Moreover, The squirrel buster also sets the standard for durability with sturdy replaceable parts and a squirrel proof weatherproof seed tray that’ll withstand years of outdoor and animal stresses.

The standard is easy to fill, swivel the hanger to unhook it than pour the seed into the wide tube and put it back together.

Air vents is located at both ends of the feeder tube to keep the seeds fresh.

Finally, If you desire to attract more birds you can hang the standard almost anywhere you’d like to watch and hear your birds.


  •  Weight adjustable (control the weight of the birds you want).
  • Squirrel proof.
  • Great ventilation for seeds.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Lifetime care guarantee.


  • Mediocre design for some people.
  • Not rust proof.