How To Start Traveling As A Hobby With No Money

Voyaging can be costly. In any case, there are a lot of unbelievable approaches to get the world over when you essentially have no cash.

There are many approaches to travel cheap or free. There are a lot of ways to begin venturing to the far corners of the planet when you have no cash but that’s in case you’re willing to be innovative.

Today i am going to share with you four ways you can travel the world with no money at all, sounds pretty crazy right?

If you take the advice we going to share with you today , you could literally set off to an adventure and not come home for a year , two years , five years …etc.

  • Online Competitions.
  • Job Offers.
  • Work to live opportunities.
  • Become a travel influencer.

This stuff is going to change you from a fundamental perspective cause that’s what travel does.

It takes you out of the comfort of your home and your culture and the people you’re surrounded with everyday. and everything you do in your daily life. and puts you in perspective.

You’ll see life through a different lens, so take this advice and we going to start of with :

1- Online Competitions

It does sound kinda funny i know , competitions ? what do you mean ?

There are thousands of companies that are literally putting competitions online that you can apply for, and if you win you will get free travel and the funny thing is i am not even joking you.

search travel competitions on google, scroll down to the bottom click page 10 and you’ll still be reading competitions from random clothing companies, dive shops.

all these different places are a mine of endless opportunities, and all you need to do is apply yourself.

2- Job Offers

Now everyone in this world have a particular skill or more whether they know it or not. and you are no different.

are you a bartender, do you have mathematical skills, are you an accountant or can you teach someone English or even doing heavy duty work if you are capable of doing of course.

whatever you can do there will be a craigslist (or whatever they use for job finding) in the country you want to visit and explore and go there and you can work and get payed to do it.

and the cool thing is you don’t need any money for it.

now it is a little bit different obviously i get it but look you are not traveling the world all extravagantly but you are going to be in another country and you will be having a whole another life there.

for example i was in Australia and this really strange job where you are essentially getting people to sign up for monthly offerings and you have to like stop them on the street.

no fun at all, but what i did was i worked this job and in my hours i am not working but rather i am meeting new people, going to different places, visiting waterfalls, staying in different hostels.

these opportunities are waiting for you but you just need to look for them.which leads us to the next way to travel with no money.

3- Work to live opportunities

There are a gazillion of websites online that offer really unique applicable “things”.

Where you’re going to search online and find something like ” get payed to live in someone’s house ” in another country.

Sounds weird? yes it is.

There’s another thing called wwoof (worldwide opportunities on organic farms). where you essentially get payed to learn how to become an organic farmer which is a win win situation.

These are opportunities you can find online and it is different than just going on craigslist and trying to find a straight up job, where you’re going to be working as a salesman or a dishwasher.

These are specific ways that are actually pretty dope.

Google work to live opportunities and you will find something like “hey we need someone to help us on our dive boat” or “we are looking for help on our studio” or “we have an animal shelter that needs some staff”.

These things are all over the world, some of these websites even have different offers in more than 50 countries and you can straight up figure out where you want to go and how you want to travel the world with no money based on the opportunities that are available.

now we lead to our last tool of traveling.

4- Become a travel influencer

Sounds pretty easy right? but in short i will try to run this really quickly for you and i don’t want you to be too confused by this.

what is a travel influencer:

someone who has build a brand, that makes content, that has a bit of audience and that works with businesses that funds them to travel the world.

As any other kind of influencer, Travel Influencers focus on creating content about travelling, tourism and culture for their blog or social media.

They usually partner up with airlines, travel agencies, tour companies and local businesses on said destinations.

Travel photography is also a big part of their content, which usually contains scenery, food or pictures of locals and traditions.

Their purpose is to share a passion for travelling and to inspire others to go on their own adventures, or to follow their steps and discover pre-made journeys that they could also participate in.

Bonus Trick: Backpacking

Backpacking travel

The best part about backpacking is that you make the guidelines, however you have to hit a couple of checkpoints first.

You have to pick the nation you need to visit, make sense of how precisely you’re arriving, and ensure despite everything you have a minimal expenditure left over after for your next outing.

Pack Light:

Only what you can replace, and save money of overweight luggage fees when you fly.

Camp Out:

stay outdoors for part of your exploring trip. In a lot of nations, there are a lot of comfortable campgrounds that won’t deplete your pocket.

This is an extraordinary choice in the event that you have some experience outdoors and you have the choice of carrying your own tent.

Walk, Don’t Take a Cab:

Walking, while also being super good for your health and the planet, is really good to keep you from spending.

If you want to go somewhere and it’s too far of a walk, look to public transit to get you there. Buses and trains are cheap and usually reliable.

Travel with a Group:

Traveling in a group can save you cash by sharing various duties.

Even though a group complicates the planning process, don’t let that scare you. You can always break away and meet up later.

Conclusion: how to start traveling as a hobby with no money?

whether your purpose of traveling is seeing new places or meeting new people, it will open doors for you that you never knew existed and you will experience new live from a whole new lens.

in the end we hope you enjoyed our blog about how to start traveling as a hobby with no money and if you have any questions or suggestions you want to add be sure to leave it down below.

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