Topsoil vs Garden Soil vs Potting Soil

When it comes to having a good and healthy lawn, One of the most important component to look for is soil. Depending on what you are looking to do you’ll be presented with three types to choose from (Topsoil, Potting soil, and garden soil).

In general, Topsoil is used on front lawns and works to grow thick grass. Garden soil on the other hand is used to grow fruits and veggies. Potting soil is similar to garden soil but has other ingredients to provide the potted plants with all their needs. 

In this article we will show you the differences & similarities they share, the use for each one of them, and which one will suit your needs best. 


What is topsoil

One of the most important parts of a law/garden is the topsoil. Containing a large amount of organic matter as well as microorganisms that assists with growing and keeping out bacteria that may cause issues with plants.

Depending on your location, The topsoil may have other elements included such as sand, manure of various types and a very small pieces of rocks/stones.

How to use topsoil

Topsoil can be used on a garden, laying a 2-inch layer over the specified area, mixing it thoroughly until it reaches approximately 4 inches with the existing soil. Once the soils are thoroughly mixed, apply topsoil to give the garden the desired depth on top of their base. Using a topsoil that has applied nitrogen and organic matter is usually the goto for a balanced and healthy lawn.

Garden Soil

What is garden soil

Unlike topsoil, Garden soil is filled with compost and organic matter to make it more suitable for the actual growth of plants. The added compost can minimize compaction as well as provide nutrients which will sustain the plants for many years to come.

Although this type of soil is initially more costly, thanks to it being able to improve plant health, reduced irrigation demands, and provide better long-term performance, it often pays for itself.

How to use garden soil

Usually mixed with other types of soils & organic materials to add nutrients to the garden bed, such as compost, peat moss or soilless potting mixes.

Potting Soil

What is potting soil

More known as potting mix, They are used in container gardening to provide plants with enough drainage and a good sterile base to start from.

Most potting soils contain three main ingredients:

  • Peat moss: It holds moisture and releases it slowly overtime.
  • Pine bark: helps with improves moisture retention and air circulation.
  • Vermiculite/perlite: are used to make the soil lighter and further improve aeration.

How to use potting soil

Using potting soil is simple & straight forward, fill pots with soil, stick in the plants, and add more soil. and your done!