What Is The Best Arrow Rest For Target Shooting

Archery can be a great way for someone to get into hunting and other good outdoor hobbies, But like many other activities it requires a couple of different gears to work with such as a good bow, some nice arrows, or even a quality arrow rest.

Having a good rest for your arrow can be a big improvement when trying to improve your archery skill, It helps by maintaining a straight & stable flight path by minimizing distortion and flinching in your aim. Not only is that great if you are just starting out, It is also an amazing addition to have when you are target shooting for a competition and/or hunting season.

So let’s take a look at the best arrow rest for target shooting that are available for you to buy:

  • Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest.
  • Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest​.
  • Quality Archery Design Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest.
  • Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Biscuit Arrow Rest.
  • Ripcord Code Red Fall Away Arrow Rest.

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest

Starting with a product that’s easy to set up, safe, and reliable. The Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest is one of their best sellers and for a good reason.

It has a low-noise design with custom rubber boots which helps with overall accuracy of the bow, Plus has a fail proof feature which is laser engraved reference marks. This can help you tremendously when trying to improve your skills when target shooting.

It features a ring of strands for better noise reduction and almost no sound is produced when drawing and releasing the bowstring, But also helps removing the metal on metal friction that occurs when loading the arrow against the bow frame.

This arrow rest is built using high-quality aluminum with nylon bushing making the overall construction very sturdy & durable which is why it tends to last longer than most other products in the market.

It also comes with a reversible mount that can be used in both orientations (left handed & right handed users).

Finally, The whisker biscuit kill shot arrow rest have the option which lets you adjust the windage & the elevation when drawing and shooting + The bristles do an amazing job allowing vanes of the arrow to slice-through the ring.


  • Quick And Silent Arrow Loading.
  • Dual Bolt Mount Design.
  • Sturdy & Durable Build.
  • Easy & Simple To Set Up.


  • Can affect the speed of the arrow.

Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest

Suitable for anyone looking to have a good and consistent shooting accuracy. The Q.A.D HDX arrow rest is one of those products that both the target shooter & the hunter tend to appreciate.

The product comes with an extra safety feature, When drawing the bowstring the arrow rest will move forward which helps improving and securing the bow draw.

It also incorporates velocity drop-away technology that allows you to turn the bow at all angles which in return helps you with increasing your shot accuracy. And is able to fly much straighter thanks to the curved capture bar locking down the shaft of the arrow.

The HDX arrow rest has a pretty sturdy & durable stainless steel build with a mounting block design.

The material’s are specifically used to make the product more cost-efficient and ensure a longer lifespan of it, In return, This trick prevents the end user from wasting a lot of money in the long run.

It also has an advanced anti-vibration system in place using a molded rubber to reduce the vibration amplitude to a minimum level and product an extremely silent shot.

This low-noise feature is especially great if you are training to become a hunter because they allow you to take your shots without worrying about the animal hearing it.

Finally, It is one of the most convenient arrow rests to adjust thanks to its timing, locking and positioning features, And everything on how to use it is included in the instruction manual of it.


  • Extremely Durable & Well Built.
  • Anti-Vibration System Helps With Accuracy.
  • Draw indicators For Better Shot Adjustments
  • Lifetime Warranty.


  • Can be difficult to install.

Quality Archery Design Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest

Known for being on of top rated rests in the market, The Q.A.D Pro LD Arrow Rest is a highly regarded product among both seasoned & unseasoned hunters.

For the build, CNC machined aluminum is used. This is done to keep the product as lightweight as possible without having to mess with the actual durability of it. There are a couple of parts that are made using stainless steel & delrin which helps making the product stiff & solid when needed.

The drop away is covered by laser cut felt that will reduce the overall noise. The mechanics in this product are nearly perfect and will provide you with plenty of clearance for the arrow and fletchings.

Plus has a cam brake and rubber dampeners. All of these features help with reducing noise & shock and keep your shots quick, clean, and quiet.

The Q.A.D Pro is also a full capture arrow rest, This means it will be able to contain your nocked arrow and slightly increases your accuracy by allowing you to focus more on your aim instead of the arrow itself.

Overall, This product is a pretty reliable, performs well, fully clear the arrow, products almost no noise, improve your shots, and will last you for a very long time.


  • Powerful CNC Machined Aluminum Body.
  • Offers 100% Containment.
  • Amazing Noise Reduction Capacity.
  • Can Handle Extensive Use.


  • A bit pricey.

Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Biscuit Arrow Rest

One of the most efficient fully captured arrow rest for target hunting, The Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit by Trophy Ridge is compatible for both left and right-hand orientations.

The product itself is has pretty lightweight construction weighting about 4.8 ounces, Which is great for removing tension from the bow leaving you with a more stable & accurate draw. That’s all thanks to the proper engineering & design of the product which improves the strength of the build by %150.

its design also ensures a stable & firm arrow shafts hold and can release it with high accuracy + Can be easily set up & used by both left & right handed archers of all skill levels due to it being a fail-safe rest.

The quick shot biscuit rest comes with a custom rubber boot right out the box which helps with loading the arrows silently by reducing friction & metal-on-metal contact that can happen when loading the arrow to the bow’s frame.

It can also easily be adjusted by from beginners/amateurs all the way up to competitive professional archers without too much hassle.

There’s a quick correcting feature that you can use right before releasing the bowstring which helps tremendously with the aim + Has an advanced mount design which helps when adjusting windage & elevation.


  • Adjustable Mount Design.
  • Features Windage & Elevation Correction.
  • Extremely Silence.
  • Improved Durability Compared To Older Models.


  • can interfere with the speed & direction of the arrow.

Ripcord Fall Away Arrow Rest

Being one of the leading brand when it comes to high quality arrow rest production, The Ripcord fall away arrow rest is steadily growing an audience of loyal customers and for all the proper reasons.

Starting with the build, It has a fully coated aluminum body which prevent long term damage & rust and makes it sturdier & more durable than a lot of its competitors.

It is also extremely simple to use & mount thanks to the included containment arm that is able to provide 360-degree of flexible adjustments from your part.

A hardened molded rubber is applied to the arrow rest to even the arrows’ launching phase and make everything slide a little bit smoother.

It also comes with a windage adjustment option & a internal brake system. The first one allows for a wider range of the riser while the other helps preventing the arm launcher from jerking back. Both of them help in achieving a better & more precise accuracy of your shots 

Furthermore, An internal dampening system is used as a noise reduction mechanism whenever you shoot, This is fairly important if you are a hunter and are worried about sounds that may scare your target/prey.


  • Fully Coated Aluminum Body.
  • Good Internal Dampening System.
  • Easy & Simple To Set Up.
  • Can Achieve Great Shot Accuracy.


  • Only available for right handed people.

Conclusion: Best Arrow Rest For Target Shooting

As always, Even though archery may look confusing and hard for newcomers of this hobby, Everything tends to become a lot easier if you use the right tools and put in the time for it.

If you found our buyer’s guide on the best arrow rest for target shooting helpful, make sure to leave a comment down below telling us about your favorite one and what made you pick it over the others.