Best Handheld Release For Hunting

Bow hunting can be a very informative & rewarding activity to do. Whether you are just starting out or already have some experience on your back, adding a good release to your game will most likely provide you with better & more consistent shots.

When discussing bow hunting gear you can expect many different opinions from different people depending on their experience with it. Even though they all may be correct, leaving a good product on the table just because someone had one bad hunting event with it might not be the best choice you could make.

So we did some research, studied the market, and came up with a list for the best handheld release for hunting:

  • Tru Ball Archery Fang.
  • Carter Enterprises Wise Choice Release.
  • Tru-Fire Synapse Hammer Throw Release.
  • Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release.
  • Carter Chocolate Addiction 4F Release.
  • Copper John Stanislawski SX3 Trio Release.
  • Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release.

Tru Ball Archery Fang

Starting with a products that is known for being both high quality & affordable, The TRU Ball Fang is a great bang for your buck if you are working on a budget but still want something that can do some great work.

Available in 3 or 4 finger models and a range of colors, Its high quality build & ergonomic fang design brings an amazing comfort to the hand without compromising on the cost of purchase.

It Comes with a containment system to make repetitive easy to shoot repetitively. All you have to do is pull the trigger, shoot, then pull it again to reset the hook. Also has springs that are trigger sensitivity which allows you to set up their release to the exact sensitivity needed.

It features many other properties that let you customize and adjust the release, Including the the thumb barrel position, the trigger travel, the sensitivity…etc.  


  • Available in both a 3 & 4 finger design.
  • Extremely quiet arrow release.
  • Fang style helps with hands-free hunting.
  • lightweight & durable build.


  • Can be sensitive if not properly adjusted.

Carter Enterprises Wise Choice Release

Suitable for hunters that want a high quality product and don’t care too much about the cost, The carter enterprise wise choice release has a long track record of keeping its customers happy, impressed, and satisfied with the performance.

One of the only releases that comes with both a solid & yet comfortable build with the index hole design to provide more stability to the shots and increase your overall accuracy.

It comes with a self closing caliper jaw and an amazing trigger sensitivity which provides another layer of firmness to your shots. This allows you to focus more on the target and makes your shots a lot more accurate.

Easy & simple to use, The tension can be adjusted without too much hassle and the release itself requires little to no maintenance apart from cleaning dust particles after continues use.


  • Index finger hole design.
  • Easily adjustable set screw tension.
  • Great trigger sensitivity.
  • Self-closing caliper jaw.


  • Higher price range.

Tru-Fire Synapse Hammer Throw Release

Bringing to the table comfort, precision, and total control over your shots, The synapse hammer throw release is one of the most recommended & appreciated hunting release made by Tru-Fire.

Having a pretty interesting design that is optimized for both style and performance in mind. It features a multi-position thumb barrel and an adjustable trigger pressure & travel. This give you enough flexibility to tweak play around with each settings to see which one provides you with the best results.

It also has a very premium feel to it thanks to the added weighted brass handle and the cover & components being aluminum anodized. Available in in multiple colors: blue, green, orange, red, and silver.

Overall, The synapse hammer is an amazing handheld thumb release to have for competitive hunters. It brings the perfect mix between precision, performance, and flexibility.


  • Durable aluminum Anodized build.
  • Adjustable trigger pressure & travel.
  • Heavy duty weighted brass handle.
  • Works great for hunting.


  • Closing the jar needs to be done manually.

Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release

A perfect fit for hardcore hunters who like to keep their shots nice and tight, The tru ball max hunter pro is known for its premium quality materials, its nearly silent tick, and its straightforwardness.

Build as a dual caliper type with a full finger ergonomic grip. One thing that you should always look for when looking at a thumb release is just how comfortable it feel. This release checks the heck out of this box especially if you have some small hands.

The max hunter pro supports a 360-degree swivel head which provides in a full control over the position of the anchor point. This results in a better and more suitable adjustment.

Since this products is made for hunters, The manufacturer made sure to keep the release as silent as possible. The last thing you want happening to you is wasting a large & thick deer that’s sitting 20 yards away from you because of some clicking sound made from your release.

It comes with an adjustable sensitivity screw which basically means you are able to tune the release to your exact needs,. Plus the trigger is pretty crisp.


  • Compact & well designed build.
  • Easily adjustable screw sensitivity.
  • Four finger grooves for added stability.
  • Full 360-degrees swivel head.


  • Day to day maintenance is needed.

Carter Chocolate Addiction 4F Release

Ending with one of the most endorsed & recommended handheld release on amazon, The carter chocolate addiction 4 finger is considered a premium release that is able to bring comfort, crispness, various adjustments, and many more features into the equation.

Thanks to the 4 finger design, it is able to slip right in the hand like a mold and hooks easily into the d-loop. Even though it has a premium price point, a lot of buyers ended up saying it was worth every penny.

In terms of aim, its accuracy and versatility are on point and rarely does any errors. This helps to ensure you get as perfect of a shot as possible every time. Its is able to do a 360-degree rotation of the head and comes with three quite appealing holes of the trigger base.

Since it is a 4 finger release, it tends to favour people with bigger hands just because it gives them more space to work with and a larger contact points for the hand to grab. Made of metal parts with an excellent quality finish which ensures a long & problem free product lifetime.

To conclude, You can easily see why the carter chocolate addiction 4F release is has so much endorsement from the hunting community. It’s easy to set up, only takes a quick spin to get it in perfect position, and can last you longer than most of the competitors.


  • Solid & long lasting build materials.
  • Flexible design for both left and right hand.
  • Amazing for bow hunting.
  • 360 degree swivel head.


  • Higher price tag.

Conclusion: Best Handheld Release For Hunting

After doing this study, we compared each product and found out that the best handheld release for hunting was the Tru Ball Archery Fang. It provided the bang for your buck when looking at what you pay versus what you get. It is also the only one that is available in both a 3 finger and 4 finger design.

If you found this buyer’s guide informative, make sure to leave a comment down below telling about what pushing you to start looking into bow releases in the first place.