Best Hunting Backpack For Elk Hunt

Hunting backpacks can be the deciding factor in knowing whether your next trip is going to be a smooth hunt or a living nightmare. Hunting an elk can be a great achievement to make, The last thing you want to see is the bag you bought to carry the meat torn from the excessive weight.

Since you’ll be carrying a considerable chunk of your elk for a decent period of time, Knowing which one is more comfortable, sturdy, and won’t break on you is crucial.

We did our best at valrin by studying the market, look at multiple products to find a list of the top performing bags. So today we present to you the list of the Best Hunting Backpack For Elk Hunting :

  • Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Hauler.
  • ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X.
  • King’s Camo Mountain Top 2200 Backpack.
  • Slumberjack Carbine 2500 Backpack.
  • TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Backpack.

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Hauler

An upgrade over the original 2200, The infamous 2200 pack is considered as one of the most reliable picks in this list simply because of its build quality & design.

A bit lighter than the old version, This backpack comes with 2 pistol holders This is great if you are a versatile type of person that likes to try different guns for different preys.

Design wise, The badlands hauler is wrapped fully in RealTree Edge which increase the overall stealthiness of the bag. Specially when trying to sneak up on your prey.

Proper ergonomics and body mechanics were held in regard when designing this pack, and it shows with the way it distributes weight across the hips and not onto the spine.

It can accommodate both a bow and a rifle securely which adds more points on the versatility bar.

Just like the original, the revamped version includes; a built-in meat shelf, internal scope and tripod pockets, and zippered rear entry panel. It can also hold up to 2 Liter hydration pack for easy access of water throughout your hunting trip.

The fabric is treated & made Fully DWR, This means a lot less hassle to deal with when hunting in wet conditions. This also means that its highly resistant to moisture, dirt, and blood (all of which you will encounter in a hunt).

And of course the pack comes with the Badlands infamous warranty, where no matter the abuse you put yours through. If it ever breaks, rips, falls apart, or fails, the company will either fix it, or replace the entire bag with absolutely no questions asked.


  • Extremely Spacious & Versatile.
  • Good Ergonomic Design (Extra comfortable).
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Solid Warranty.


  • May feel a bit loose if you are a smaller individual.

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X

The Commander X + Pack is a complete system specifically designed for the multi day hardcore exploring hunters who really put their packs to the test every single trip out into the field.

Incorporating a sturdy lashing & compressed wing system with a retracting lower shelf to use when securing loads of meat and other items directly to the durable frame.

Fully equipped with a detachable 4000 cu inch (65 l) pack bag, The large oversized pack bag can locked using a bunch of compression straps that wrap over the load to securely hold everything in place during your trip.

It can also be securely affixed to the frame using the built-in heavy-duty zippers, This provides a secure and strong attachment directly to the frame. This means a more comfortable carrying position.

The frame is made combining aluminum stays and high-density polyethylene. This provides the wearer with a strong, tight, and rigid pack out.

The lashing system is designed to incorporate a compressed bat-wing styled system with a folding lower shelf to secure extra loads to the frame- like that elk quarter you will need to pack out of your next hunt.

The shoulder straps connect over the chest with the torso adjustment that has a wide range of 17″- 21′, so no matter your size you should be able to find a sweet spot that fits your body as well as any pack ever has. Waist belt has built in pockets, sports handy anti-sway straps, and also accommodates your average clip style pistol holsters.

Comes loaded to the brim with a removable fanny pack, an internal divider for separating items, a spin drift collar, plus a rifle and/or bow holding fold down pocket for securing your weapon during long treks.

Also has a fleece-lined spotting scope pocket, a fold out rain cover that is large enough to cover your entire pack out, and a built-in pocket/port for installing a hydration pack into the bag itself.


  • Accommodates All Sizes.
  • Massive Carrying Capacity.
  • Strong & Rigid Build.
  • Multiple Storage Compartments.


  • Considerably heavy (empty is a little over 9lbs).
  • A bit Pricey.

King's Camo Mountain Top 2200 Backpack

Because The King’s 2200 backpack was designed to hold all your necessary equipment to complete a successful hunt. It has a raving chunk of fans that swear on its quality, Having this much support is always a good sign to see.

Made in America (not typically something that many outdoor gear manufacturers can claim). The material used is a lightweight rip-stop fabric + some sort of water protective cloth.

Features a padded mesh air flow system which allows for a cooler temp when worn; This is especially good for those late summer scouting trips to your hunting grounds where you’ll probably end up drenched with sweat which can build a strong scent.

Hip/side padded protection flaps/wings with straps and elastic pockets makes for a comfortable and snug loading of the bag and helps to disperse the weight of your day pack over your hips. Plus, the added pockets are a nice touch and come in handy.

Front and top opening zippers allow for great access to even those things buried in the bottom of your bag without having to empty everything out.

The stow-away canvas pack shelf is perfect for when you’re finally successful in your hunt and need to pack out the meat. All you do is fold out the extra shelf and load it up until full, secure everything in place and load up your pack onto your shoulders and start your victory trek out of the woods.

The bow/riffle folding attachment makes for easy hands free stalking hunts with quick release capabilities in case you happen to cross paths and get a chance to attempt a shot on your prey.

Shoulder straps on the other hand can make noise during more strenuous exertion, over rough terrain for example, making stalking more difficult.


  • Good Storage Capacity.
  • Padded Airflow System.
  • Built-in Rain Cover + Repels Water.
  • Made In USA.


  • Not the greatest build quality.
  • Can make a bit of noise when trying to stalk a prey.

Slumberjack Carbine 2500 Backpack

Outfitted with a Kryptek camo design that is there to hide your silhouette while stalking your prey. Whether you’re hunting a deer, elk, or squirrel, blending in with your surroundings is always a good thing to have.

Starting with a large main compartment for the main bulk of your goods and complemented by 3 small pockets on the front side with 2 additional side pockets. It has an easily stow-able and very versatile multi-weapon carry system designed to easily transport either your bow or your rifle.

The integrated compression system that gives you the ability to secure everything down snugly for best wear-ability when you continue on the move. Waist belt will fit any size up to 48 inches (122 cm), meaning the pack should fit the majority of hunters.

Built-in rifle rest gives a must-have steady and stable rest location for the most accurate shots made on target. Has a PALS and a paddle holster compatible hip belt for securing your sidearm.

Constructing materials are a bit thin, according to reports, and those reports do make sense when looking at the overall weight of the pack. (The words thin and flimsy have been used to describe this pack; but if lightweight is what you’re after then this is your bag!)


  • Multiple Storage Compartments.
  • Built-in Rifle Rest.
  • Weapon Carry System (Bow & Rifle).
  • Extremely Lightweight.


  • The fabric used is below average.
  • Not that much comfortable.

TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Backpack

A high performance design that is sure to meet all of your packing needs. Offers a wide variety, and high number of, pockets for separating everything as you see fit.

This TETON Sports Explorer, with its multitude of adjustments, Seems to fit snugly and softly in almost every situation. Even with a large load filling the pack, it fitted well and didn’t pull down on the shoulders or back.

This is mainly thanks to its ability to spread the weight out and distribute it evenly across back, shoulders, and hips. It helps in keeping a relatively well-placed center of gravity when tightly attached to the body making travel easier on the entire body.

Adjustable in the torso, shoulders, chest and waist so fitting in shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Comes loaded with features like a sleeping bag compartment, multi-directional compression straps, and multiple storage compartments and pockets for strategic packing, pass through side pockets, And a padded water bladder pocket up to 3 liters in size.

It also has a rain fly that is sewn-in and can be tucked away when it is not needed. This is perfect for keeping your gear from getting wet in rainy weather.

The padded back and airflow system provides padding while allowing substantial airflow to prevent your back from getting too hot.


  • Large Number Of Pockets.
  • Great Weight Distribution.
  • Feature Intensive (rain fly, water bladder…etc).
  • Padded Back With Airflow System.


  • Doesn’t offer a gun/bow dedicated storage space.
  • Can deteriorate quicker than the more expensive packs.

Conclusion: Best Hunting Backpack For Elk Hunt

This concludes the list of the best hunting backpack for elk hunting. If you have anything you would like to add or thing that we missed or forgot to add, Make sure to leave a comment below telling us about it.