Things to do when camping with family

Looking to have fun with your family next time you go camping? Today we will present to you our best activities to do when going on a camping trip with your family.

Some of the things you can do when camping with family is: Scavenger Hunt, Camping Olympics, Cloud-Spotting, Telling Stories, Making Primitive Tools, Play Campfire games, karaoke & acapella and Capture the Flag…etc.

Scavenger hunt

Kid with magnifier

The first thing you need to do is to organize a suitable location, you need to make sure that it is a safe location that there aren’t any hazards for children ie deep water or other potential hazards.

Make sure that the location that you choose it’s got plenty of hiding spots as this will help with the scavenger hunt.

You need to make it so that there’s plenty of adult supervision throughout the areas that you’re going to be using to make sure that all the children are well looked after and safe.

You might want to organize a theme maybe a pirate treasure hunt or if it’s around Easter you could do an Easter egg hunts just to add a little bit of the personal touch to it.

Be sure that the children partaking in the scavenger hunt are split into teams.

It might be worth making sure that you split this fairly if there are ages that vary making sure that there are older children and younger children grouped together so that the older children can help the younger children.

You might want to draw up a map and have Clues based around the location that you’re going to be using, Maybe having a clue leading them from one location to another.

If you are have got older children it might be an idea to use riddles so that it takes them a bit longer to get from one area to another and it’s a bit more of a challenge for them.

it also might be a nice idea to use cameras so that they have to use these cameras to take pictures of different sections to prove that they reached and they figured out the clue.

When they come to the end you will need to have a prize for the winner but it would be a nice idea to make sure that you do have a prize for the teams just so that there’s no hard feelings for the children I hope this has helped in planning a scavenger hunt

Camping Olympics

Olympic rings

As a way to have fun and exercise, You can gather all your family and host a small amusing Olympic event of your own.

To get everyone involved and make everyone enjoy their time, You can split your family into groups and every group needs to get as much points as possible.

Make a Prizing system that depends on points, So like if group A gets first place he get 2 points, Group B 2nd place gets 1 point and Groups C gets no points. Some of the games that you can play are:

Potato sack race:

Just as the name suggest, You get potato sacks and get into them.

You have to get to the line first by jumping with the potato sack, Who ever reached first wins. 

Tug of War:

In this game, All you have to do is find a flat place with no rocks, Get yourself a long rope and draw a line between the two teams.

Line both teams in one line one team facing the other. All they have to do to win is pull the rope and the first team to cross the line loses.

Water Balloon Toss:

Just like the last one you have the two teams facing each other. Have them try to throw water-balloons at the opposite team and the last person to stay dry wins.


As the name applies, Each team have to do push-ups and the team with the most total push ups wins.

Campfire games

campfire sketch

There are a lot out there to choose from. Here are some we found that can be quite fun with your family.

You laugh you lose:

Something made popular by pewdiepie. You look at funny clips and the one who laughs first loses. you can make a funny punishment drinking.

Would you rather:

It is a choice making game where you have to pick between in most cases very bad choices and have to take a calculated risk and then if you can explain why took that choice.

Truth or dare:

You put a bottle on a hard surface and make a circle around it. after that spin the bottle and the one at the end of the bottle asks the one at the start of the bottle to pick truth or dare.

If he picked truth you ask him a question and he have to answer honestly. If on the other hand picks dare you ask him to do something and he have to do it.


This one is more for older individual. It’s a game where each player is assigned a role secretly and you have to survive the whole game by either voting the enemy out or killing all the innocent.


This one is kinda short but still quite fun. You line up all of the family members one after the other, then you tell the first one a sentence and he repeats it to the guy after him and so on.

In the end, The last guy screams the the sentence loudly to see how much it changed.

Capture the flag

Yellow flag

You will need at least six people, Two flags of different colors, Large sticks and String.

Step 1: Divide the players into two teams of equal size.

Starting with 2 teams of 3.

Step 2: Find a large outdoor playing field that includes both open and wooded areas.

Large park, Woods …etc

Step 3: Divide the playing field in half mark the boundaries with large sticks or rocks or choose part of the landscape.

Each teams territories should have similar terrain. one side should not be open while the other is wooded.

Step 4: Tie the flags two sticks one for each team. Each team plants its flag near the back of its territory out of the other teams site.

The flag should be at eye level and plainly visible at 20 yards from at least one angle.

Step 5: Using rocks or sticks and string as markers. Each team marks a space for its jail, don’t place the jails within sight of the flags you don’t want your prisoners to know where your flag is.

Step 6: Divide your team into offense and defense and switch roles occasionally to keep the game interesting.

It will also make everyone active by learning new tactics every-time they switch roles.

Step 7: The team on offense attempts to steal the other teams flag and transport it back across the border into their own territory without getting captured.

From touching the player to stopping him down, It would be better to make it a touch to avoid any injuries from happening.

Step 8: The defense team captures players from the other team by tagging them while they’re in defensive territory and putting them in jail.

To free captured teammates the offense team tags them inside the enemy jail and runs back across the border with them.

Step 9: Once one team captures the others flag switch teams and play again.

Conclusion[Things To Do When Camping With Family]

Finally, While doing all of that remember to have fun in the process and try to give everyone a good and fair experience. That is the main goal you should try to accomplish when looking for things to do when camping with family.

We hope you liked this article and if you did make sure to leave a comment down below about anything you have in mind concerning the topic.

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